Why I Pink: Dr. Elesyia Outlaw


My name is Elesyia Outlaw.  I am fortunate to be a Radiation Oncologist here at Touro Infirmary.  To be able to take care of the brave women and men who battle breast cancer is an honor.  The poise our patients display during their therapy is remarkable.  It is also contagious and helps remind me to release the insignificant daily frustrations that try to invade my life.

My desire to pink goes beyond my role as a cancer doctor because I am also the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.  My experience during her treatment gave me a view from the other side of the stethoscope.  It helped me to understand how frustrating and nerve-wrecking the process can be for a patient and their family.  I also discovered cancer patients build camaraderie with other patients during the treatment process.  One of the ways I pink at Touro is by being involved with our Support Group for Women with Cancer.  This group meets monthly is open to all women currently undergoing treatment.  It allows them space to not only give, but receive, much-needed support from other women going through a similar experience.

Why do I pink?  I pink on behalf of the brave patients, including my mother, who endured treatments despite sometimes feeling tired, nauseated, frustrated (or a combination of these). I pink in honor of those who succumbed to breast cancer without allowing it to strip them of their dignity.  I pink with hope that one day there will be no need to pink.  But until that day comes, I am committed to making the process less burdensome on our patients’ lives and remind them that they are not in this alone.

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